Saturday, October 11, 2008


I've been wanting one and finally i got it and it's not just one but two. Yey! I was referring to my two new domains. I've been contemplating about it for a while. There were a lot of factors to consider so i weighed things first and three days ago, i've finally decided. My Lynn's Chic Spot and Sweet Temptation already have a domain of their own and i'm so happy about it. It was in transition for three days and now it's already working. Yippee! I really am happy.

I was thinking of having this blog get its own domain too actually but a friend of mine advised me not to do so for some reasons. And she's right. I just can't thank her enough. (",)


WebbieGurl said...

You are so lucky to make them work so fast.. My two domain needed to shell out extra 20 dollars to pay someone to make them work... sigh.. COngrats Lyn!

ilovph2 said...

That s a wonderful news! That means more opportunities.. All you need to do is make the high PR ed just like this one. ^^

Great move Lynn and am happy to hear it too.

Rogue said...

Brava! That is one of the coolest moves a blogger makes! You did it! I bet you earned so much from this site these days.. I see a lot of strange psots..hehehe

Norm said...

congrats lynn..

Lynn said...

glad i haven't had problems with it, sis. :)

thanks, sis. i'm hoping it'll get pr to. need to work on that one though.

haha. strange indeed, sis.

you're welcome, sis.

twinks said...

Congrats sis! yeey new domains..
it was really a great move in your part..para more opps for those blogs..
your friend was right too for not buying a domain for this one..kasi you'll have to start from scratch..sayang, this one got a PR na.
btw sis posted the article about how to backup your template..

take care

bluedreamer27 said...

huhu how can i make my own domain too hehe
congrats po

Lynn said...

thanks, sis. hopefully nga, more opps jud.

niwey, thanks for the tips 'bout the template. mwah!:)

thanks blue!

70-646 said...

You willl have to start from scratch. I mean, this one got a PR na.