Monday, June 30, 2008

These Are Cool!

I received this through e-mail from my Sister. I find this fun so i thought of putting this here. Take a look. You might find this fun too.

This is not a test - just a phenomenon. All readings are explained. Read out loud the text inside the triangle below.

More than likely you said, "A bird in the bush," and... if this IS what YOU said, then you failed to see that the word THE is repeated twice! Sorry, look again.

Next, let's play with some words. What do you see?
In black you can read the word GOOD, in white the word EVIL (inside each black letter is a white letter). It's all very physiological too, because it visualize the concept that good can't exist without evil (or the absence of good is evil).

Lastly, what do you see?

You probably read the word ME in brown, but... when you look through ME, you will see YOU!

Isn't this cool?

Friday, June 27, 2008

What the House Test Says About Me

I was blog hopping and visited Juliana's Lair - one of my favorite places to visit here in the blogosphere. She took this test and i thought of taking the test myself too. I actually find the result amusing 'cause 98% of it is true about my personality. You may try taking the test yourself. I'm sure you'll enjoy it like i did.

What the House Test Says About You

You consider yourself important, but no more important than anyone else. You love attention, but you don't feel like you deserve more of it than anyone else.

You aren't against being community oriented, but it's not really your thing. You tend to prefer to focus on your family and not the neighborhood around you.

You are a playful, charming, and seductive person. People feel instantly close to you.

You take good care of your physical appearance. You dress well, stay in shape, and do your best to look great.

You are moved by romance and love. You are optimistic about people, and you love hearing about happy endings.

Thursday, June 26, 2008

Happy Birthday Mom!

Happy Birthday
Comment Graphics and Myspace Layouts at

My Mom is celebrating her 58th birthday today. Oops, sorry for spilling the beans, Mom. Hehe. Well, it's okay, she look much younger for her age anyway. I'm not saying this because she is my mom alright. Anyone who has seen her can attest to that. I was thinking of including a photo of her here but thought otherwise 'cause she might not like it. Mom's kind of shy, you know. *wink*

We were supposed to have a little get-together with the whole family tonight but they have an important affair to attend to. My Dad's a member of Rotary International and their Induction Ceremony is set tonight. We'll just have Mom's birthday celebration on Sunday yet at the beach so we all can make it. Happy Birthday, Mom! All the best for you. Hugs and Kisses from all of us. (",)

Criss Angel Believe

I’ve always been fascinated with magic or illusion ever since I was a kid. Those magic tricks that they do always left me in awe and there is always this question, “how did he do that?” There was a time actually that I thought those magicians or illusionists have this power that they’ve gotten somewhere. But I eventually figured out that those were merely tricks. But then again, they never fail to amaze me.

A lot of magicians have come and gone like Harry Houdini, etc., and the most recent one to hit the entertainment world is Criss Angel. But what differentiates Criss Angel from the other illusionists is, he uses his imagination in doing his illusions. I’ve actually seen some of his illusions when he guested at this famous U.S. television talkshow and it is really unbelievable. I’ve never seen such illusions done before and that’s what makes Criss Angel unique and simply amazing.

Criss Angel will be performing live at Cirque Du Soleil at the Luxor Hotel in Las Vegas. The show which was called CRISS ANGEL Believe showcases the illusions only Criss Angel does. This performance is really something that you should not miss. You may join the Text Message contest where you could win two tickets to the show. Just text “Believe” to 22122 and that’s it.

Sponsored by CRISS ANGEL Believe

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Sharing The Love

This was shared to me by Jhona. Thanks a lot, sis! I appreciate it.

This award is extra special because Crystal created it in honor of the donor who saved her son's life. Her son Noah had to have a heart transplant when he was just over a month old. This award is supposed to help raise awareness of the importance of organ donation.

So, here are the rules Crystal gave:

“The rules of this award are: SHARE THE LOVE!!! Share this award with all those blogs out there that you love. All the people who make you smile. All those that make you laugh. All those that make your day. All those that leave uplifting comments on your blog. **All I ask, is that you include a link to this post with the award and ask your recipient to do the same**

As you may have recently seen on my side bar, I have finally created a custom blog award!! I have wanted to do this for a long time but never came up with something that “fit”. I didn’t want just anything. It had to be something that meant something to me. And what could mean more than Sharing the Love by giving you pieces of my heart?? So I created this award in Honor Of The Donor That Saved Noah’s Life. I share this award with those of you whose love and friendship have enriched my life and made my world a better place.

I hope by passing this award around the blogging world we can all help raise awareness of the need for Organ Donation.

Let me share this award to Prily, Mabelle, Norm, Sheng, Juliana, Ellaine, Nova, Jaja, Catsy, Nancy and Portia.

Sunday, June 22, 2008

Happy 40th Wedding Anniversary!

Today is my parent's 40th Wedding Anniversary. It's been 40 years of a rollercoaster married life though i can say that happy memories abound over the sad ones. Well, that's what normally married couples go through. Not just married couples actually but all the other couples as well. But what's important is they've reached this stage. This can already be considered an achievement and something to really be proud of since not all married couples are successful or lucky enough to reach this level. I do hope and pray that they'll be given good health in the years to come so they'll reach their 50th Golden Wedding Anniversary because that is just what everyone of us is wishing. Happy Anniversary Dad and Mom! More Anniversaries to come...

Saturday, June 21, 2008

Rubik's Cube: Yogi's Fave Toy

This has been Yogi's pastime since the time my Mom bought this. He doesn't know how to play this at first but after looking at his cousins while playing on it, he finally got the idea and since then, he already knows how. I was actually surprised when i found out that he can already do it. I can't believe it at first so i let him do one side right before me and he did it. Bravo! I never thought a 5-year-old can actually do it. Well, maybe there are actually kids that are younger than him who can do such that i am just not aware of. What do you think? Do you know anybody? (",)

GPS Vehicle Tracking Solution for Your Fleet

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Then I suggest you better get a GPS vehicle tracking device for all your vehicles which offers. Having a vehicle tracking device has a lot of advantages. The device will allow constant tracking or monitoring of your vehicles’ location like where it is going and where it has been at any time you want it. With that, you will be able to save time, energy and money since you don’t have to phone them every now and then just to know of their whereabouts.

Real-time vehicle location, mapping or locating and reporting will be provided by GPS tracking and it can locate the vehicle from a computer with internet access anytime anywhere. There have already been numerous testimonials from individuals who have tried the GPS fleet tracking device which you can find at Those individuals have testified how the vehicle tracking device has helped them saved in more ways than one. If you want to save like them, then a GPS vehicle tracking device is all you need for your fleet tracking. You may visit and learn more.

Top Six Guys to Avoid

I read this one from Seventeen mag which i borrowed from a friend. I find this kind of interesting and i'll bet ladies out there especially those who are unattached will find this interesting too so i thought of putting this here. Read on ladies and ponder. (",)

The man behind the book 50 Boyfriends Worse Than Yours, says you can find true love if you stay away from these losers.
1) The Game Player. You think he's perfect -- attentive, caring, sweet. But those phone calls he sneaks off to take? They say a few other girls are thinking the same thing.
2) The Cheapskate. He loves his cash -- a lot more than he loves you. Go out to dinner, and he'll be sure to tell you what your half of the bill is at the end of the night.
3) The Fixer-Upper. You can replace his ugly brown slacks with cool jeans, but you can't change his personality any more than you can change his body type.
4) The Ex-Obsessed. You are less a girlfriend and more a substitute for his last one, likely the girl who dumped him. He's totally infatuated with her -- not you.
5) The Fighter. He's a hothead who treats you more like a verbal-sparring partner than a girlfriend. And he goes ballistic if another guy even looks at you.
6) The Stalker. He really likes you. And at first it's nice to be showered with attention. But his constant phone calls and weird doodles of you are just creepy.

Energy Saver Cordless Vacuum


I was not born with a silver spoon in the mouth so my siblings and I grow up without household helps or maids. We were accustomed to doing all the household chores by ourselves starting on the day that we can already manage doing such. It was just recently though that Mom got maids for some reasons - we are all busy with our lives and we need household helps to do those things that we can’t do anymore but even though we already have maids now, I still mop the floor whenever I get the chance and whenever I am not contented with how the maids cleaned it. There was actually a time when I almost slip because of the wet floor. A tiled floor can truly be slippery when wet.

Before and even up to now actually, we use wet sponge to clean any areas of the house and sometimes feather duster to get rid of those dusts in furniture, cabinets and appliances. We’ve been using that stuff in cleaning because it is one way of saving energy especially now that prices are high. Recently, I have heard about this cordless vacuum, Dirt Devil Accucharge wherein we can really save energy. It actually gained the Energy Star approval so meaning, it is really guaranteed to save energy. That’s really cool because of the energy price at present, a vacuum that offers less energy consumed is just what we need. This is really worth the purchase.

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Here Comes the Rain Again

Here comes the rain again. Falling on my head like a memory. Falling on my head like a new emotion. I want to walk in the open wind. I want to talk like lovers do. I want to dive into your ocean. Is it raining with you...

It's been raining cats and dogs here since yesterday because of Typhoon Frank that's why i thought of putting this song here. I know the song connotes a different meaning. I just put it here because of the word "rain" and it really has nothing to do about with what i want to blog about here. I just want to talk about the rain or Typhoon Frank for that matter. Hehe. Typhoon Frank hit Eastern Visayas yesterday at 140 to 170 kph. Imagine that! And it is expected to hit Camarines Norte this afternoon. There may be a bit of strong winds here in our city now and heavy downpour but we're just lucky because GenSan is a typhoon-free city and we are spared from those heart-breaking incidents that usually happens to those places normally hit by typhoons. I'm just hoping and praying though that there won't be harmed individuals, etc.

Friday, June 20, 2008

All Natural Skin Care Products for All Skin Types

Nowadays, beauty products or skin care products are must-haves most especially to women like me. But with the many beauty or skin care products in the market today, it is a bit hard which one would suit our skin best. As we all know, some of us are lucky enough and can use any kind of products there is but there are also some who have sensitive skins which are susceptible to irritations especially with those products that have strong chemical ingredients.

Good thing, presents all natural skin care products that are good for all skin types. Their products are made of natural and high quality essential oils and pure sea salt that are all safe and beneficial to the skin. products are proven safe and effective so needless to say, they are just the perfect nourishment for your skin. You may visit to check on those products and learn more.

"Champ" is Out!

Yep, my sis gave birth to a bouncing baby boy yesterday, 19th of June. You just can't get the excitement from everyone of us most especially the kids. We all missed having a baby around because it's been five years since we had a baby which is Yogi. Anyway, he is my sister's first baby boy (her third child) and he was nicknamed Champ. They were actually contemplating on giving him Hero as a nicky for one simple reason, he has the same birthday as Jose Rizal, the Philippines' National Hero, but they thought otherwise 'cause some said it's a bit corny. Well, you think so?

Champ weighs 6 lbs. and 6 oz. and measures 49 cms. Tell you what, my sister only experienced 20 minutes of labor pains. Isn't she lucky? Well, she's always been like that. She actually gave birth in her Ob-gyne's car on her second child. She never made it to the hospital. That's how fast she gives birth. Cute huh? (",)

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Kung Fu Panda

It's been a while that i haven't seen a movie in the movie theater. There were some invitations but i am just busy and sometimes it would depend in my mood too. But when Yogi asked me to watch Kung Fu Panda, well, what can i say? It's my son asking so i couldn't really say no. He had seen the movie teaser on TV and he didn't stop telling me about it since then. So yesterday, we watched together with my bro, his gf Karen, and my girlfriends Tatz and Judy. Judy brought her son along with her too.

Anyways, it was really fun. The movie was hilarious. If you wanted to laugh, then watch this one. We all had a good laugh really especially the scene where Po (the Panda) was already being trained by his master with Kung Fu and he was tested by having "Siopao" (a famous Chinese food) as bait of some sort. I actually had sore throat after the movie because of too much laughing and yelling at the same time. I didn't know too that famous Hollywood actors like Dustin Huffman, Angelina Jolie and Jacky Chan were the voices behind those characters. I'm just not sure though which is which. Hehe. But it's cool huh?

Sunday, June 15, 2008

Happy Father's Day!

Spent father's day with the whole fam at the beach. Arrived home around noon time. We don't normally spend the whole day at the beach to avoid sunburn. We have our petroleum jelly with us though in lieu of sunblock but more often than not, we opted not to stay there whole day because of the kids. If given a chance, they would actually stay in the water until in the evening. They just can't get enough of it and it's definitely not good. So to avoid chaos, we just have to leave early.

Anyway, it is father's day but for me, it's just another ordinary day. Well, it's not my day, i know but i'm just thinking of my son and it kind of saddens me thinking that he doesn't have a dad to give his greetings to. Oh well, here i go again. Enough of this sentiment. Today is the day of all the fathers and it should be merry. So, HAPPY FATHER'S DAY to all the Dads out there!!!

Friday, June 13, 2008

Click for Noble Sake

You can help the lives of many women by spreading the word about The Breast Cancer Site and by clicking the pink button as many times as you can. If The Breast Cancer Site receives 8 million clicks on the pink button in June, their premier sponsor -Bare Necessities- will donate $10,000 for more free mammograms. So please everyone that drops by click,click,click!!!

You'll help to save someone's mother, daughter, sister and friend. So please join me in spreading the word about this cause in the blogging community.


Thanks a lot Te Norms for passing this to me. I am so glad to be a part of this.

I would like to invite the following bloggers to join the cause:
Prily, Juliana, Mabelle, Nova, Ellaine, Jaja and Nancy.

Thursday, June 12, 2008

Affordable Health Insurance

As the famous cliché goes, health is wealth, so taking good care of our health is definitely important. But then again, anyone of us could suffer from certain illnesses. It can be avoided though with all the much needed diet and all but still health problems is inevitable so we should always be ready just in case we will be in that kind of dilemma.

That is when Health Insurance comes in. Having one is already a necessity because as we all know, it is a way of preparing ourselves for any instances that would call for it. But today, there are already a lot of companies offering Health Insurance and some of them can be costly. If you are searching for Affordable Health Insurance, then you might as well check They present different types of Health Insurance, much cheaper than the others yet offer the same benefits. Applying an insurance can be done online too, right at the comfort of your own home and Health Insurance Quotes are given for free. So why don’t you check it out now and get the health insurance that you greatly need.

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

First Day in School

Yesterday was my son's first day in school. I thought he would cry like most kids during first day of classes but he didn't. He actually met a new friend immediately. But he doesn't want me to leave, and so i didn't but i'll be accompanying him only until this Friday. He's still a little nervous i guess with the new environment that he's in but as soon as he'll get used to it, i know he'll be fine. I actually talked to him yesterday that i'll just leave him there and pick him up right after school but he doesn't want me to. Okay, for now, what he wants he gets but starting next week, what i want, i shall get. Hehe. Well, i have this feeling that he would not want me around anymore actually as soon as he'll find playmates. I'm waiting for that day though. (",)

Sunday, June 8, 2008

Ejay Made It!

I knew it. Even before the big night of Pinoy Big Brother Teen Edition Plus, i already had this feeling that Ejay will be the big winner. But i was surprised on how close the competition was between him and Robi. But i know the viewers' sympathy would really go in favor of Ejay and i wasn't wrong. Though i really admire Robi but as we all know, Ejay would need the prizes more. He deserve the prizes anyway, no doubt about that. He's been a good housemate and a good example and inspiration to the youth as well. Congratulations Ejay!

White Metals, Rings and Jewelry

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The Moment of Truth

Are you deeply in love with your spouse or boyfriend/Girlfriend? If you do, let's try how well you remember the moment of your life with him. But before you put yourself in the hot seat please read the rules of this tag first.

1. This tag should be pass on to your closest friends.
2. Visit the blog of the person you've got this tag.
3. Leave a comment on her/his tag post. Be sure to thank her/him for this tag.
4. Highlight and link all the list of people who accepted this tag by visiting their blog site.
5. There are 10 questions that you need to answer but you will be the one to write the 10th question for the next person you want to pass this tag.

1. Sojourn 2. Pinay Mom in Czech Republic 3. See Me for what You Will 4. LAINY'S MUSINGS 5 OUR JOURNEY TO FOREVER 6. My so-called Life 7. Sweet Temptation 8. Lynn's Chic Spot 9. YOUR LINK HERE!
(PLEASE Place all the links of the people who accepted this tag).

Here's your questions: Be Honest and True!

1. How did you meet your husband/wife or boyfriend/girlfriend?
Answer: A friend (my former office mate) introduced him to me.

2. Where did you went in your first date?
Answer: Zed's Pizza. That was in December of 1997.

3. When was your first intimate kiss?
Answer: Secret. Kaw ha...

4. How many girlfriends/boyfriends he/she had in the past? Do you honestly know?
Answer: I was his first serious girlfriend.

What is his/her ethnicity?
Answer: Filipino.

What is his/her favorite food?
Answer: He eats just about anything.

What is he/she like if he/she is mad?
Answer: He is a very patient man. He would just keep mum most of the time. You would know if he's mad when he would just leave without saying a word.

8. What are the things he/she did you thought is the most romantic thing he'd/she'd ever done?
Answer: There were a lot of them. He loves to surprise me especially during our Anniv and my Birthday.

9. Describe how he/you proposed to you.
Answer: Let me think...Hmmm, i don't think he did. We both just figured it was the right time to settle down.

10. Do you find this tag C00L?
Answer: Yup. As in!

Thanks for this tag, Ellaine. I had fun. I'm tagging along Prily, Norm, Juliana, Jaja, Nancy and Mabelle. Go girls. It's your turn and hope you'll have fun like i did.

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Friday, June 6, 2008

PBB Teen Edition Plus Big Night

After i guess three months, Pinoy Big Brother Teen Edition Plus is finally coming to an end. I don't like this season as much as before but i still have my favorites. I'm choosing between Robi and Ejay to be the big winner. I've always liked Robi from the start 'cause he's smart. But more often than not, the people's sympathy usually goes to the housemate who would need the prizes more. And judging on that criteria, Ejay would be the best choice. Let's just see who's going to be the lucky one who'll bring home those awesome prizes on the Big Night this coming Saturday.

Debt Settlement

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I’m just glad that there are people or establishments who are willing to help those people who are in debt. If you are one of those people who are going through this kind of dilemma, then you better check They are here to provide you the debt settlement that you certainly need. Providing you with the help that you greatly need in any kind of debt that you have, is what they aspire and do best. They will help you get back on your feet and establish a life that is debt free. So worry no more. If debt is your problem, is just the right people to call. Be debt free and be happy. Check out for more information.

Long Weekend

I had my share of snack that mom prepared after i woke up from my afternoon nap. It's champorado matched with large pandesal that they bought at a nearby bakery. No work still today because negotiations are still on process with our clients in the U.S. I kind of miss it. I miss my office mates too. I miss our chitchats while eating our favorite snack in the office which is Arrozcaldo. But work will resume next week. That's on Tuesday because it's a holiday on Monday. The Philippines is going to celebrate Independence Day on the 12th but it was moved to Monday to give the Filipinos a 3-day rest. In a way it's good since classes will start on Tuesday and people will have ample time to prepare their kids' things for school and that includes me.(",)

Penge Online

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An Addition to the Family

My sister is going to give birth anytime this month. We're all excited because my son being the youngest among the kids here at home, we already missed having a baby. My son is already five so he's already too old to be our baby though we still consider him as one. We actually thought she's going to give birth two days ago because there were some signs but it was just a false alarm. She's due to give birth on the 29th yet. We're just hoping everything will be okay and normal. We all can't wait.

Look for Mary

I’ve always loved watching detective stories or crime drama series for one simple reason, I love the thrill that comes along with it. If you enjoy such shows like I do, then you should not miss USA Network's new original series In Plain Sight. The show which will premiere on June 1st stars Mary McCormack as Mary Shannon who is portraying the role of a U.S. Marshal and being attached to the highly secretive Federal Witness Protection Program (WITSEC) makes her life at risk.

That is where the story revolves and where the suspense and thrill flows. I’m pretty sure, the show would surely leave thrill seekers out there glued to their seats and would make it a point not to miss an episode. Perhaps you might try to look for Mary here. She’s just hidden in plain sight.

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Thursday, June 5, 2008

My Top 10 People

The Tag: Name 10 people you can think of right off the top of your head. Don't read the questions underneath until you write the names of all 10 people.

This is a lot funnier if you actually randomly list the names first. No cheating. Repost this with the same title and tagged 6 of yours friends.

My TEN people are:

1) Yogi
2) My Parents
3) My Sis Eve
4) Con
5) Mabelle
6) Prily
7) Nimfa
8) Lilet
9) Judy
10) Aimee


1. How did you meet number 9?
*** At the MT school. We were classmates.

2. Do you have a crush on anyone up there?
*** Yep. Guess who?

3. What would you do if you hadn't met number 1?
*** He's my Unico Hijo so there's no reason why we won't meet. (",)

4. What would you do if 6 and 2 were going out?
*** No problem. Prily is my cousin so i'd be more than happy!

5. How did you meet number 8?
*** We were schoolmates way back in High School but we got closer when we became office mates at Pocketbell.

6. Is 2 one of your best friends?
*** Of course.

7. Whose number 9's best friend(s)?
*** I'm not sure. She calls me "Bes". (",)

8. Have you ever dated number 1?
*** Several times. Lol. He's my son, okay?

9. Do you miss number 10?
*** Super. She's been in Singapore for 2 years now and will be home next year yet. She's my confidante.

10.What do u think of number 6?
*** Jolly and easy to get along with. We only get to bond a few times but i felt like i've know her for ages. Love yeah, Cuz! Hugs!

11.What do you think of number 7?
*** She's a friend since college and a good friend at that. Missed her.

12. Who does number 3 like?
*** She's my only Sis who's always been supportive of me.

13. Have you ever been inside number 8's house?
*** Not yet actually. Her family just moved to a new house and haven't visited her yet.

14. Do you love number 4?
*** As in!

15. Ever been in the same bed as any of the numbers?
*** With numbers 1 to 3, definitely yes! With 4, perhaps soon. Lol.

16. What about no. 5?
*** I owe her a lot. If not for her, i won't be here in the blogosphere. Blogging has helped me a lot financially wise and i just can't thank her enough. Thanks a lot, dear! Mwah!

17. Do you trust these people?
*** I do.

18. Would you date no. 5?
*** Absolutely. It's my dream to see her and if that will happen the soonest, then we might probably go shopping anywhere in Colorado, right dear?

19. Love them all?
*** Definitely! No doubt.

Another tag from my dear cousin, Prily. Thanks a lot Cuz. I had fun answering this one. Love yeah!

Tagging along Mabelle, Juliana, Norm, Catsy, Jaja and Nancy.

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A Good Laugh with Pooh

I'm not talking about the cartoon character Winnie but Pooh, the stand-up comedian. I really like his sense of humor and the way he delivers his jokes, very natural and spontaneous. The first time i saw him was in Wowowee early this year and i like him since then. And then two days ago, he guested again at the same show in lieu of Pokwang. I really had a big laugh watching him on their "hep-hep hurray" portion. He's definitely good. Even the audience can't help laughing at him.

I really admire stand-up comedians. I've watched stand-up comedy few years ago in Marikina Riverbanks with my bro and his friends and i really had a great time. The comedians were all gays and mind you, they don't only possess good sense of humor but excellent voice as well. I remember one of the gays sang the song "Wild Flower" and it was really good. He has an amazing voices. Hope i can watch another stand-up comedy soon if i'll get to visit the big city again. We don't have one here in the city, so.

Tuesday, June 3, 2008

First and Last

1) First real job: Telecommunicator (Pocketbell)
2) First screen name: Let me think. Well, it's not a screen name, it's more of a code name and that was during those Radio Amateur days wherein i was a member. My code name was "Smarty Bear". Cute! Hehe.
3) First funeral: Sorry, i really can't remember.
4) First pet: Dog
5) First piercing: On my ears. I had it when i was still a baby as per mom.
6) First tattoo: I have no tattoo but i was actually tempted to get one when we were in Boracay in 2001 but upon learning of the price, eww, never mind! Harhar.
7) First credit card: My Dream
8) First kiss: What kind of kiss do you mean? Lol.
9) First enemy: I can't remember. I had lots of them when i was younger. Lol. Just kidding.

1) Last car ride: Last Saturday when we went to the beach.
2) Last kiss: Last night. A kiss on the cheek from my Unico Hijo.

This was passed on to me by my cousin Prily. Bunch of thanks, Cuzin. Hugs!

Now, let me tag the following: Catsy, Sheng, Jaja, Juliana, PinayWahm, Francine, Anne, Michelle, Norm and Mabelle.

Liposuction, Tummy Tuck and Breast Augmentation

Before, the most sought after way to get rid of excess fats in any area of a human’s body is through exercise. But it will take a while before finally getting rid of those excess fats fully. There are some people too who are not really into exercise or are just lazy enough to start one.

Now that technology has evolved, there are already several and easy ways to trim and shape those bodies and get rid of those extra pounds. One best example and perhaps the most popular of them all is the Liposuction. It has been widely popular due to the fact that even celebrities or the rich and famous have tried it. It may cost much but the outcome of the procedure which has left a lot of individuals who have tried it, contented and happy, made the procedure more in-demand even to low profile individuals. Another popular procedure is the Tummy Tuck. Just like Liposuction, it is the easiest way to shape the belly area and get rid of those fats. And lastly, the most popular procedure among women is the Breast Augmentation. Women who were not endowed with a full breast resort to this kind of procedure. I, personally have nothing against these procedures since they make people feel good about themselves and it boosts their self-confidence.

But at present, clinics or establishments offering such services are sprouting like mushrooms worldwide. It can be a little difficult to decide on which one is the best and will guarantee your total safety since your health is also at stake. But actually, there is only one name to remember when you think of Liposuction, Tummy Tuck and Breast Augmentation, no other than They specialize in these procedures most especially Tummy Tuck. They already have established a name of their own and a lot of individuals can attest on the quality of service that they offer. So if you are thinking of going through those procedures, Rodeo Drive Tummy Tuck is simply the right place to go.

Daddy's Corner

This has been an overdue tag from my cousin Prily. I actually almost forgot about it not until i opened my files in the computer and saw the image below. Better late than never, right Cuz? Anyways, my hubby is definitely the kindest and the most patient person i've known. Even my friends, his friends and all the other people who have known him can attest to that. That is probably why he was taken away from us so early. Sigh! Oh well, don't want to get emotional here. But then again, all we had of him were good memories. So, it's okay. I know he's happy wherever he is now. After much thought, i decided not to include a picture of him here. Hope you understand my breaking one of the rules of this tag. (",)

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Join Dockers Contest Today

I am always on the look out on the latest trend when it comes to fashion. I would usually check out on the hippest either on television or magazines that my mom collects. We considered the celebrities as the fashion icons and among them, I consider Angelina Jolie as the one who embodies great fashion style. She can wear pants and shirt yet still look gorgeous and glamorous.

I can say that my taste when it comes to fashion is simple. My usual get-up is casual. Pants and a simple top would do me fine, wherever I am comfortable at. I go for denim most of the time actually. It could be pants, shorts or skirts, whatever I feel to wear on that particular day.

Have about you? What’s your style when it comes to fashion? Perhaps you wanted to share your style to the people. If so, you might as well join Dockers contest at Create your own TV commercial and be known. You never know, this could be the start of a great career for you. Dockers have been known for having contributed great style to the fashion industry. So what are you waiting for? Grab the chance now by joining Dockers contest and share your style.

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Sunday, June 1, 2008

Miss Universe

The 57th Annual Miss Universe Competition is coming to a close and Miss Universe 2007, Japan native, Riyo Mori will soon crown her successor. The pageant which will air live from Vietnam via NBC this July will feature some of the world's gorgeous women not to mention the great exciting prices that awaits the lucky winner.

I am fond of watching beauty pageants such as this and Miss Universe being my favorite of them all, i won't miss watching the event for sure. I wonder who's going to make it this year. For sure the candidates from those countries who never fail to make it to the top 15 almost every year like Venezuela, U.S.A., Puerto Rico, India, etc. will make it again this year. It remains to be seen though but i have this feeling they'll be in the top 15 again. I am hoping though that the Philippines' pride will make it even to the top 15. It's been a while that our candidate made it to the top. We never know, this year is our year. Let's just keep our fingers crossed!

Extending Interior Square Footage With A Sunroom

I have always been fond of outdoor living. When I wanted to extend my indoor living space with an outdoor space, I knew I needed something that covered in the rain and was able to be heated in the winter. Sunrooms were the first choice and thanks to the help from Creative Energy, I was able to create an indoor / outdoor space that was more perfect than I could ever have imagined.

True works of art, sunrooms are air tight, efficient and spacious. I did not have much yard to work with in the first place, but Creative Energy sunrooms in Richmond VA was there to work out the details, providing me with the sunrooms square footage I wanted while retaining enough space to call a yard. My sunrooms usage is more frequent that the living room now and I am recommending that everyone add one to their house.