Friday, July 31, 2009

Connect With Your Kids For Magic Moments

I just got home after spending whole day at my son’s school. They’ve been celebrating Nutrition Month and today was their culmination day. They have been cooking, making posters and doing other activities associated with nutrition for the entire month, and what makes today so special is that the parents were invited to join the cooking activity and share a sumptuous and nutritious lunch afterwards.

The cooking was made even more exciting because there was a special prize waiting for the most delicious and nutritious food served. All the grade levels did their best to get the much coveted prize, and fortunately, our group, the Grade-1 level, got the first place prize in the primary level. Knowing that our hard work paid off was really heart warming and brought a smile to our faces.

Spending such time with our kids is a special bonding moment between parents and kids. They will not be kids forever, and soon enough they’ll have their own paths to travel and own friends to mingle with. Having these moments to spend on activities, games and other enjoyable activities with our children should be #1 on our top priority list.

If you live in the U.S. and want to be updated on the latest activities in your area, check out, or better yet, check out the family-friendly widget located at my side bar. Let’s get connected with out little ones and have fun with them!



NovaS said...

this is a very nice way to connect toyour kids

UPrinting Review said...

It's nice to interact with your kids especially during school activities. Don't you miss being in school yourself? Haha~ :D