Thursday, October 20, 2011

Shindig on the Green

'Shindig on the Green' is an annual event that the city celebrates every summer. It was my first time to have witnessed it. There were different musicians from different states and cities who performed and they call their music 'Mountain Music'. It was something new to me, but I found it really entertaining.

They call it 'Shindig on the Green' because aside from singing, there were also a lot of dancing. Those kids on the stage were dancing the 'square dance'.

Nice crowd that time. They were in for a good time.

The people here were starting to do the 'square dance'. Anybody can join. My husband asked me to, but I was so shy to do it.

Even the parrot was having a good time. LOL. And that was Yogi staring at the parrot. I used my cellphone in taking this photo that's why it's a little dark.


chubskulit said...

We don't have that here sis, we rarely attend public event here, allergic kami pareho ni hubs lol. Minsan lang kami ummatend pagka needed lang.

Must be so much fun to watch such event.

Lynn said...

That was the first event that I attended here, Sis Chubs. If di pa nag-invite ang bro ni hubby, nakalimutan niya rin. :)

Lainy said...

Must be a real nice experience, Lynn. Thanks for the share.