Friday, February 10, 2012

Color Connection #5: Red for Love and Respect


Time flies! We already celebrated our First Wedding Anniversary on Sunday, the fifth of February. I will post the details on how and where we celebrated it on my next entry. I am feeling nostalgic now so I am going to talk about my wedding bouquet - a bunch of red roses. Roses are definitely on the top of my favorite flowers, and you can also add red as one of my favorite colors. It was our wedding motif that I chose thus, the red roses.

Also, Valentine's Day is already next week so these red roses are just perfect. Agree? (",)

So fresh and so red. I took this photo on the wedding day itself .

And I took this a week or so after the wedding. You can see that the petals were already starting to dry, but still pretty.



anney said...

Happy First Wedding Anniversary and Happy Valentines day too!

visitng from color connection.

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Ms. Burrito said...

Beautiful roses.

My Mom used to freeze her flowers when we were still in South Korea Tita.. Thanks for joining Color Connection.

Adin B said...

Belated Happy First Anniversary to you. The flowers reminds me of the bouquet on my wedding day. How funny! :) Visiting you mommy!

Adin B

Kriz said...

Happy First Wedding Anniv Sis!
Beautiful roses that you have here. So lovely!

Visiting from CC