Sunday, November 4, 2012

Atlanta Vacay Part 6a: Zoo Atlanta

Maybe you're wondering why I added an "a" after the 6 on the title. Well, it was the little one's first time to be in the zoo and Zoo Atlanta is definitely one huge zoo. We've seen a lot, thus, lots of pictures captured too, and I can't post all the photos that I want to share here at once. So, this will be my first Zoo Atlanta post and a second one will follow soon and perhaps a third and a fourth, and so on. LOL. We'll see about that.

The entrance to the zoo.

African Plains
We were given a map and this was the first part of the that we checked. We saw elephants, wart hogs, giraffes, zebras, hippos, ostrich and a lot more.

The Ford African Rain Forest
Here we saw different kinds of monkeys and gorillas, lions, deers, etc.

It was an awesome and fascinating trip not just for the little one, but also for the husband and I. More photos and stories next time.


catsy said...

hi lynn :)

as i scrolled down my blogroll list,
found your name and paid your blog a visit after being in a long hiatus. lol..indeed i had fun reading your posts :)

hope u can pay a visit on my blog too and be added on your list once again. thanks! <3

wla na diay ka sa gensan karon? :D

Marms said...

It's is great to visit places like this where kids have fun seeing live animals.