Tuesday, December 18, 2012

He’s Always So Frugal But…I’M TIRED OF WAITING!

It is almost the end of the year already and yet, our plan of having the carpets in the living room and bedrooms cleaned has not been accomplished yet. They were installed in the last two years and they surely look like they already need a thorough cleaning. I do vacuum regularly, but I know for certain that vacuuming is not enough. 

Without a doubt, we need the help of a Green Choice Caarpet. If only we had the proper tools and equipment to do the job, then, I could have done it myself, but we don’t. I’ve been telling and reminding the husband about it, and I think what’s keeping him from calling somebody to do it for us is he wants to do it himself. He didn’t tell me that exactly, but the way he scrutinized the carpet while looking like he is thinking of something deeply, I am assuming that it is what he wants to do. 

He used to clean his old carpet himself, that’s why. He would rent the equipment, thus, save money by providing the labor himself. But knowing how busy his schedule is, I would have to wait forever, I think, before the carpets get cleaned. And I don’t think I can wait any longer seeing how awful the carpets look. 

So hubby, if you hear me, it’s now or never! Hee-Hee.


Doi said...

I hope you'll still get the strength to wait. :)

dtr said...

was dropping by in here. :)