Monday, January 7, 2013

Atlanta Vacay Part 7: Underground Atlanta

Wouldn't you know it? It took me a year to continue my story about our Summer Vacay to Atlanta, Georgia. Well, I started talking about our vacation in 2012, and now it's already 2013, and I am not done yet. Kidding! I was just being cute.

Anyway, my apologies, folks. The Holidays certainly kept me so busy. I bet yours was as busy as mine. But it's not yet too late to continue my story, is it? If it is, then you can just stop reading here. If not, then, read on. (",)

After the zoo, we headed to Underground Atlanta which is located in the heart of downtown Atlanta. The attraction was famous because of the 18th and 19th century automobiles that they display.

 A Divco - Detroit Industrial Vehicle Co. - 1947 van, one of only 600 made.

This was only one among the automobiles that we saw. There's my husband and my son scrutinizing the magnificent vehicle. More stories about Underground Atlanta continues the next time we travel on my travel capsule. (",)

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