Sunday, February 3, 2013

A Walk Down Memory Lane

A picture paints a thousand words and a photo can tell a thousand stories and ignite a thousand memories. That is why I make sure I never miss a snap shot whenever the three of us are out and about - me, my husband and our 9-year-old son. With the many photos that I’ve taken, I don’t even know how many albums I already have downloaded in our computer. I haven’t even got around to having them developed. I did with the first photos I took when we got here in the U.S. but that’s about it. Maybe because I am too busy taking photos, huh? 

I actually envy my husband because all his photos from when he was a baby are neatly arranged and organized in albums, thanks to his late Mom. Just the other day, we were flipping through his albums as he narrated to me the story behind each picture. Some of the pictures are in black in white and actually starting to wear out, but there is no worry to that because the new technology can surely do magical with the photo scanning procedures available to copy and repair. The photos surely made my husband nostalgic. Ahhh, sweet memories to remember.

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