Tuesday, March 5, 2013

You Can Label Me a Neat Freak

Organization is my middle name. I was really amused the first time I heard that line from my husband describing me. No one ever said that to me before. Maybe because no one paid attention to what an organized geek I am or can be. And that meant one thing too, he is paying attention to what I am doing and surely does give me credit when due, which I sure love. I believe all of us would want such kind of attention and support, wouldn’t we? 

Yep, aside from being an OC as far as the cleanliness of our house, I am an organization freak too. And I have to tell you, it is one thing that the husband and I have in common. That is probably why he noticed that skill of mine. If you would consider it a skill, that is. And I was surprised when I saw how organized my husband is also. All his documents, bills and expenses are properly grouped and labeled in our filing cabinet. I grew up with men who didn’t care about organization at all so having an organized husband is really a plus. 

Having things around the house organized, makes life easier. I know where things are at, which makes it easier to look for them whenever I need them. I bought baskets for the living room and for our home office and had them labeled. My sons toys are grouped in their respective plastic containers and labeled depending on what kind they are (robots, war toys, stuffed toys, etc.), and the list goes on. 

Really, labeling has been a part of our organization in the house. They are not weatherproof labels, but since they are only used inside the house, it's no biggy. I don’t know who invented or who started labels, but it sure is an amazing thing. Have you seen any of those waterproof labels or zebra labels? They sure came in handy. So go ahead and have a look if you want to organize your things like us. You will never regret it for sure.

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