Thursday, July 18, 2013

He’s a Hard Working Man and Provider, Just Like My Hubby

As a contractor, my Dad does civil and mechanical works which includes tools, equipment and metal metal fabrication, building buildings from residential to commercial, etc. I’ve lost track of what else he does, but he sure is busy. 

His work also costs him to travel to different parts of our home country which he enjoys because he doesn’t only get paid from the project, he gets to meet people and explore places too. There was one time that he brought with him his trusted workers to a different city and even shipped his tools and equipment through shipping containers to do a big job. He was paid good on that huge project so even though moving all that stuff was a hassle, it was without a doubt worth it. 

My Dad is really a hard-working man. Wish I could send him and mom to a vacation somewhere because he certainly needs R&R. Somewhere with beautiful views where they can relax and perhaps capture a moment that could be a great photo on canvas and will be their memory of a lifetime. That would really be great, and I know they will be delighted. I’ll see what I can do.

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