Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Talking About School Days Put Me in a Daze

It can’t be denied, the proof that it is just around the corner is all over the stores. Do you have an idea what I’m talking about? I’m referring to back to school! Summer is only halfway over, but a lot of back to school goodies are already on display. Even the list for the school supplies to be purchased at each particular school level were right in front me as I walked in the store. Isn’t it crazy?

I know summer is already in full swing, but for me, we haven’t enjoyed it to the fullest yet because we haven’t done the one thing that we enjoy doing the most in the summertime – taking a road trip! Here we are still planning for that summer road trip and people are already talking about back-to-school shopping.

I love shopping, that’s for certain and I am actually eyeing on some goodies already for the little one including those adorable It's A Boy Pencil. I love the details on those pencils and I bet the little one would love them too. I know for a fact that the new school year will come in heartbeat and there’s no way I can stop it. But can we at least wait to start talking about back-to-school next month? ;)

Friday, July 10, 2015

Happy For My Bro'

My brother who is currently working in Singapore went home to our country for a little vacation and to celebrate his birthday which is today. He arrived in our country about a couple of days ago. And he was there not only to celebrate his birthday but he is also going to celebrate the blessing of their new house.

Their house is small, but pretty. I think it is just perfect for a family of five. It has three bedrooms, and although they were small rooms, like he told me, they are enough for his three kiddos. Besides, they are all grown ups and soon enough, they will leave that house and have their own families. And that last sentence is always a sad thought for me. I still remember when I babysit those nephews of mine and I can't believe that they're all grown ups and that they have girlfriends already. What can I say?

My brother is now back in Singapore and is continuing his journey of working hard for his family and their future.

Saturday, June 27, 2015

Firebird Used to be a Car; Now it Makes Music!

Summer is finally in full force and I couldn’t be happier. Why? There are a lot of things to do and enjoy in the summertime. The city has a lot of events lined up for the locals and tourists and I am so looking forward to watching the events. I do hope we will get to watch each event. There are concerts every Friday in the summertime and is free for everyone to enjoy.

There are also festivals and the like. Well, we have already missed one free live concert today because the weather didn’t cooperate at all. We had a severe thunderstorm. I do wonder if the concert even took place.

Nonetheless, there will be days that the weather will be nice for sure. Don’t you just love watching live concerts? I love watching those guys strumming their electric guitars which could possibly be a gibson firebird. How I wish the hubs could play like them too. It would be awesome!