Thursday, April 17, 2014

Organizing the Martha Stewart Way

It not only pays to read. It also pays to browse the world wide web. I know you already know why. I've came across great organizing ideas because of it. But I must admit, I didn't browse for organizing ideas, I just came across it while browsing for something (forgot what exactly). And I certainly consider it a blessing in disguise because life has been more hassle free with the things I've already organized. How I wish I'd learned about it sooner though.

Anywho, it's better late than never, right? (",)

Here's the next on my organizing projects list - organizing my blogs. Yes, blogs.

To be honest, when I was introduced to the blogosphere by a dear friend, the first question I was asked was if I want to earn an extra income. I was already a widow then and being a single mom to a kiddo, I didn't have second thoughts at all. I was super delighted.

It has been six years since then and from that time on, I've already created more than one blog with different categories in each. And the blogs really helped me tremendously when it came to providing my son with his needs and also for him to be able to enjoy the good things a private school has to offer. He went to Montessori School back in my home country.

I have to say though that although earning money was the very first reason why I got into blogging, it is not the only thing that is making me happy about it. My blogs have become my outlet. I find great joy in sharing my adventures not only in life but in every facet of the world around us. From food to shopping, to the travels we've made as a family, to my son's milestones, etc.

I used to have a notebook where I wrote down everything about my blogs. They weren't grouped so whenever I needed a detail about a certain blog, I had to flip through pages and sometimes missed the right page and had to go back. It was time consuming to the point of annoyance.

And then I came across blog posts about Martha Stewart's Home Office with Avery discbound notebook. Without a doubt, it was what I needed to organize my blogs so off we went to Staples.

Being a lover of the color blue, the discbound notebook was oh so perfect! Look how lovely the color is. It is light, bright and so pleasing to the eyes.

The discbound plastic dividers are simply the perfect solution in grouping my blogs. I bought two. Needless to say, I have more than one blog. You might wonder how I manage to keep up with each and everyone of them, huh? (",)

Since I don't have a label maker, I asked the husband to do it for me since he got one at work. I gave him a list of words to make and there you go. The words you see were parts of the title of each blog. Putting the whole title of each blog won't fit so I figured that's the best thing to do.

Life talks about my family, our home and our life in general; Sweet is my food blog; Chic is my shopping blog; Roads is my travel blog and Den is the blog that I dedicate to my son. There are more blogs under those five blogs but since they are the only ones that were showing, I decided to just talk about them. I hope that's okay with you (wink!).

So there you have pretty blog notebook. Thanks to Martha! (",)

But .my organization doesn't end here because tell you what, this was only the second task and there are still millions that need to be done. Imagine that!

Monday, April 14, 2014

Spring Soccer Game 2

We came away from game two a winner, 7-3. And Yogi scored a goal. Woot!

It is always fun to watch these kiddos play. They really do their best in every game. There were times that you can already see them tired, but they still play like it was their last game. I definitely admire their determination.

Kudos to these awesome kids!

Thursday, April 10, 2014

Beautifying the Drawers with Liners

I never thought about it until I came across beautiful blogs about organizing. Drawers are usually where most of the junk are stored that's why they are oftentimes called junk drawers, I guess. And because of the junk, they are sometimes just forgotten, left unorganized and continued to be filled with more junk. But who says it will remain to be called a junk drawer forever? I thought I would, but not anymore.

Drawer organizing was next on my spring organization list. I've gotten a lot of great ideas on how to prettify and organize it.

First, I looked for a drawer liner and saw this beautiful taupe liner with swirl design at Walmart. It is an adhesive laminate liner so it was pretty easy to put on. Well, with the help of the hubs, it was.

The first drawers that I tackled were the ones in the master bathroom. All three drawers have the same dimensions so I only measured one and cut three in unison.

I then asked the husband to help me in placing them. I need somebody to hold the other end so I could start sticking from my side towards his. I had to use a debit card in sticking it to the wood to avoid bubbles. I got the idea online too and it was pretty neat.


So how's that? Pretty, isn't it? Unfortunately, I wasn't able to take a before photo. I need to practice on that one to show the before and after results.

After placing all the liners, I put back all the goodies and got rid of a lot of junk. I used containers that we already have and organized the things where they're supposed to be. Things are much easier to find now and the husband is just as happy as I am.

I also lined and organized the kitchen drawers as well as the drawers in our bedside tables. I figured I don't need to share them since they basically look the same. But I am going to share the ones in my dresser drawers. I used a different liner so that is something different.

How about you? Any organization that you've done lately?

Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Spring Soccer Game 1

What a great game to start the season. They won, 6-3. Like what the coach said last year after our last game, he was hoping we will win all the games this year. We only lost one during the fall season.

Needless to say, this was an awesome start and I am keeping all my fingers crossed that they will really win all the games this season.

It is always fun to watch these boys give their best shot every time they play. And we parents couldn't help ourselves from cheering to the top of our lungs during the entire game. Soccer is definitely fun!

Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Spring Soccer Has Begun

Well, I think I am a little bit late in posting this since they've already played two matches which I am going to talk about one by one soon. This photo was taken on their first day of practice three weeks prior to the first match. I don't want to talk about the first match without talking about the practice so here you go.

It was still wintertime when they had their first day of practice. And although it wasn't that cold, it was still cold enough (for me, at least) to be out there. Not that cold though wherein we need to bundle up. Some of the kids even wore shorts although they also wore their hoodies. I let our son wore his long-sleeve shirt and hoodie too plus jogging pants. I can't stand the thought of him freezing out there while practicing.

They practice twice a week, Monday and Wednesday for an hour to an hour and a half (depends upon the coach). The field belongs to an elementary school and this was the place that they always have their practice even during the fall season.

There they are. There were 14 of them in the team, but I focused my photo on that side of the field so you can only see four of them. That's my son on the right playing with his ball while waiting for the coach's instructions.