Monday, July 21, 2014

Summertime is Badminton Time

It was almost a month ago today when we were invited to my great niece's 12th birthday party. She is one of my BIL's granddaughters and just like the previous birthday parties that she had, it was held at my BIL's house. It was just a small party with the family members and some of her friends, but it was a fun-filled one.

We started off by filling our tummies with delicious foods that my SIL prepared. Then the celebrant opened her gifts and blew the candle on her cake and after that, super fun time for the kids begun. They played with water guns and water balloons and obviously, the result was a bunch of soaking wet kiddos. Kids certainly love playing with water, do they?

They also made their own sundaes. Some of the adults like myself joined the fun in that one because I have to tell you, ice cream is definitely one of my favorite desserts.

Afterwards, they played badminton in the backyard which you can see in the photo and also basketball in the front yard which I wasn't able to take a snap shot. It was a good thing that her birthday falls in the summer because they surely had a great time outside with all the games that they could think of playing.

I enjoyed myself watching them play and taking photos as well, like what I always do. Me and my snap shots. ;)

How are you enjoying your summer so far? Hope you are enjoying it to the fullest.

Thursday, July 10, 2014

Deep at Heart, He's a Rocker

I don't know what came up with my hubby today. As soon as he arrived home, he went straight to our entertainment center, turned the CD player on and put the volume so high I could hear the music so loud and clear even though I was in the bedroom.

And then I listened and realized that the CD he was playing was one that he recorded. It is a compilation of his favorite rock songs and the one that he brought with him when he came to the Philippines to visit me for the first time. That made both of us nostalgic right there. Aww!

The house is surely rocking away right now, but I surely love listening to those different musical instruments playing. The sound of the electric guitar makes me want to grind and makes me want to get one (where else but at musician's friend the world's largest online music gear company) for the husband and let him play it for me. He knows how to play the guitar although it would take him some practice to play like that in the song.

Oh well, that's only a dream for now, I guess, but you never know. I will let you know once he knows how to rock that song already.

Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Transformers: Age of Extinction

As I've said previously, we always make the most of a three-day weekend.

After spending time with my brother-in-law and his family on the 4th of July and watching the awesome fireworks display that night plus a concert before that, we went to see a movie the day after, on Saturday.

My son and I had been waiting for the movie, Transformers: Age of Extinction. We definitely love Transformers! My husband is not much of a fan, but he is not a killjoy when it comes to watching the films that we want to see. He joined us not to mention, he paid for the tickets too. LOL So, ain't he awesome?

As expected, it was a super duper entertaining film. We just watched it and yet, I am already excited for the next one. Also, I can't wait to see it again on TV because my son and I can't really get enough of those robots. We've seen the first three films over and over again and I think we'll never get tired of doing it. What can I say? We certainly love those robots! Don't you?

That's my handsome son right there posing in front of the movie's poster at the theater. What a great movie date that was with my boys!

Friday, July 4, 2014

Happy 238th Birthday USA!

Happy 4th y'all! What are you up to today?

The husband's three-day weekend starts today and whenever he has a long weekend, we certainly make the most of it. And today being the celebration of Independence Day in the USA, we are going to celebrate with everybody. Even though our first plan didn't go as planned – going to Atlanta to watch our favorite baseball team, the Atlanta Braves play; car problems, I am still looking forward to what we're going to see and do today.

I certainly hope the weather will cooperate with us. We've been having thunderstorms this week and as I recall, last year's 4th of July celebration was rained out. The rain didn't stop everybody from having a good time though. They continued the fireworks display but then again, it would still be best if there would be no rain at all. The forecast says it's going to be a great day, but you know how unpredictable the weather can get.

We are going to the town next to us to celebrate. There is live music at the lake which will start in the late afternoon and then fireworks display at dusk. With the temps going up as high as the upper 80's Fahrenheit, I already know what to wear. And that's regardless if there's going to be a storm or not. (But of course, isn't it always in a woman's list of things to decide what outfit she's going to wear to a certain event?)

My denim short shorts together with my light sleeveless white top are so ready. And I am going to complete the look with my white gladiator sandals. I was going to go patriotic by wearing red sandals which will complete the red, white and blue colors, but I don't have a pair of that color so I think that means I have to shop for some, huh? Nah, it's already too late, but maybe for next year! I'll just wear some red blings like a red bracelet or necklace perhaps? Seems like I don't have any of those either. Well, I will just wear red lipstick. Perfect! (“,)

I am certainly looking forward to the events later today. It's going to be fun, for sure!