Monday, September 15, 2014

I Dread Driving Curvy Roads

I only learned to drive when I got here in the U.S. Not because I badly wanted to but because it was needed;  a necessity; something that I must do whether I like it or not.

Back in my home country, I didn't have to do it because we have different modes of public transportation. I can go anywhere anytime I want without the need to drive. But not here in the U.S. They do have the bus but it won't take me anywhere anytime. For instance, to my son's school that is not included on the bus route.

I must admit, I am such a scaredy cat and that was one of the reasons why I didn't have the courage to learn how to drive back home. And although I've been driving for almost two years now here in the U.S., I still get scared whenever I hit the road. I have improved. My heart doesn't pump like it's going to come out of my chest liked it used to or my knees don't shake anymore, but I still get nervous. Not much compared to before but...still.

Ironically, my driving skills (if there are any) are surely being tested here in the U.S. Why? There are a lot of curvy roads. Darn! Whenever I drive those roads, I need to really slow down and hit the brake many times At least I am being careful, but for sure I am annoying the car or cars following me. Imagine, the speed limit was 35 and mine was only 20. Good thing I haven't encountered rude drivers yet - one thing that I am anxious about whenever I hit the road. I am afraid they will blow their horns because I poke along. Hubby even joked once that I am a Sunday driver.

I really dread driving curvy roads and that is why our son has to ride the bus everyday. I only pick him up at the bus stop. Their school is located about 10 minutes from our home and the road going there is so curvy. How I wish I had the power to make it straight. We don't have these curvy roads back in the city where I was raised and born so isn't that ironic? I didn't drive where it was straight, now I drive where it's curvy.

Hubby said it would just take a little time of getting used to. I agree. Maybe after ten years of driving it will feel like driving straight roads. Har.

Thursday, September 11, 2014

Our First Apple Picking Experience

And it was so memorable not only because it was our first but also because it was my birthday. 

First apple picking = a happy birthday!

Since my husband and I got married, he always takes me somewhere for my birthday. He has taken me on out-of-town road trips and although this year's trip was the shortest, it certainly wasn't the least exciting. But of course! Isn't the first time always exciting?

 Love the beauty of old barns.

We went out-of-town where farmlands are located and where apples abound. We went to the town of Hendersonville which in Henderson County in North Carolina. The drive is more or less 40 minutes from our city so it was an easy ride and we picked Stepp's Hillcrest Orchard for our destination.

North Carolina is considered to be the 7th largest apple-producing state in the nation and Henderson County is the largest apple-producing county in North Carolina. We're lucky we're close to  apple orchards. We met a couple there who actually had to travel two hours just to get there.

Gotta have that photo opp beside an apple tree full of fruits.

While both my husband and our son were busy picking, I was busy taking pictures. And I just realized after I downloaded the photos that they were actually synchronized here. Look at that! Too funny, huh?

Happy kid. He really had a blast.

Since I was little, I only heard of two varieties of apple: red and green. I was surprised that there are actually a lot of different varieties. Hundreds of different varieties actually. We picked two varieties - Fuji and Gala which the saleswoman recommended.

There's our peck of apples.

I forgot exactly what varieties these were. They were already picked and was displayed and sold near the barn. Picked apples are  more expensive than "u-picked" ones. We wanted to pick our apples not because it was cheaper but for the excitement and fun of it. It was our first apple picking after all.

Another barn but with cows this time. Hubby was going to take us up there but I decided to just take the photo from where we parked. Love that view.

That was a really a fun experience at the apple orchard. Something that I would never have experienced in my tropical home country. 

How about you? Any apple picking experiences in your part of the world?