Thursday, November 20, 2014

For My Hubby, Roof Repair Was a Family Affair

Over the years, my husband spent many an hour working on his mom’s roof. And back in the day when he was a young boy, there were many times his family aided him and his mom, helping to keep the roof in repair. The problems arose from the fact that the house was originally an old hut that his father built the house around, property given to his dad by my husband’s grandfather. Hubby’s dad did a good job, but…he wasn’t a carpenter and after a few years, the roof began to deteriorate in the worst of ways. And after my husband’s dad died young, it was left up to my husband and his mom to keep the house in repair. What a trying task that proved to be seeing that it had never been in the best of shape.

Thing is, when it come to that type of work, the best thing to do is have it done professionally by a company like Value Roofing in Nashville, Tennessee. Just like his dad, my hubby wasn’t a carpenter and he sure wasn’t a roofer. Yet, so many times he climbed up on that roof with a bucket of tar, searching for the right place to patch the roof. Or his uncles and cousins would come and they’d rip everything off and re-shingle the entire house. What it truly needed was replacing by a company that specializes in that type of repair, like Value Roofing.

Value Roofing does both residential and commercial installation as well as repair. They have over twenty five years of experience and can provide all needed services to get the job done right. Whether you’re buying a new home, or are just curious about the shape your roof is in, they have experienced contractors that can inspect the quality and condition of your roof in an honest and professional manner, giving you a heads up to possible problems before they occur, or in detecting issues already present so you can then repair and prevent major damages to your property. And not to worry about any damage being done during the inspection. In no way is it invasive to the integrity of your roof, and once completed, they will know exactly what’s needed to get you back in quality shape. Once inspection is completed, and any necessary repair done, you will get a roof certification which can be of great help if you’re considering or are in the process of selling your home.

Another tool they employ is leak detection, using a cutting edge, high tech digital moisture detection system that can zero right in on a leak so there’s no guess work involved in the repair process. It’s a very efficient way to cut right to the chase, find the problem - or problems - and get the job done correctly. Oh, what my hubby would have given to have had such a tool when he was in search of those pesky leaks.

And there’s always the possibility of sudden storm damage. That’s when you’ll be in desperate need of quick service. Value Roofing offers 24/7 emergency service with an appointment window of two hours so you can count on them being there on the spot pronto. Once the work is done, they will work with your insurance company and help you in filing your claim. It gets no better than that!

They stand behind their work with warranties that stand above and beyond their competitors. Their Workmanship Warranty is good for 10 years as opposed to the usual two years of others. Their Leak Warranty covers 3 years and, best of all, their Shingle Warranty is for 30 years!

For your security, Value Roofing is fully licensed and insured and practice a rigorous employee screening of their team. So if you’re in the Middle Tennessee area, including Nashville and surrounding areas, and find yourself in need of roofing work, these are the folks you need to get in touch with. They’re located at 905 General George Patton Rd, Nashville, TN 37221 and can be reached at (615) 829-9334. Everyone needs a roof over their head, but the last thing they need is water on their head so if the need arises, these are the people to keep your hair dry.

Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Not Knowing the Law Can Get You in Trouble

A lot of people love to travel. I know it is always fascinating to see different places for the first time, meet different nationalities, sample foreign cuisines and learn new cultures. If you picture it out in your mind, it is really such a wonderful thing to experience most especially if all your plans and goals fall in the right place.

Unfortunately, sad at it may seem, things could happen while you are in a foreign country. The kind of thing that most of us, if not all, dread to experience. A thing where you have to deal with the foreign country’s law – one that you had no idea or knowledge of. As has been said, ignorance of the law is no excuse, but…things do happen. And what if you unintentionally broke a law you had no knowledge of?

Fortunately, there are always people who are willing to help. This is when a company who specializes in legal translation comes in like Rosetta Translation. Headquartered in London, UK, they have been in the industry since 2005 and they specialize in high-quality translations of legal documents for both corporate and legal firms. They are also a certified provider of highly-accredited legal translators. When you have to deal with the law, you have to be sure that you are in the right hands of trusted individuals to support you. You sure don’t want to end up going in the wrong direction, do you? Check them out when the need calls for it.

Snow in Autumn

As far as I could remember, I think this is my first autumn here in the U.S. since I got here in 2010 that we had snow in autumn. Seriously. I think we had dusting and flurries in the past, but this year was when we had "real" snow. See the photo below?

We welcomed November with snow. This photo was taken on November 1st.

I know it's not much compared to what other states had. But then again, we are in the southeast and this is something unusual for us.

And yesterday, the arctic blast hit us. Yet again, we weren't slammed compared to what the Midwest had experienced, but we had a dusting of snow and the temperature dropped which was enough to make the roads icy. Thus, classes were cancelled for the day.

The little snow had melted and the sun is shining now but still, it is cold. Brrr! Hello winter!