Sunday, August 31, 2014

The Next Louis Armstrong?

We always give in to what he likes or wants to do for as long as it serves him good. We couldn't be any happier with that because we always want him to be active in school activities and to be exposed to any kind of talent-building or skill-building extra-curricular activities.

So when he told us that he wanted to join the school concert band, we were more than okay with it. Especially my hubby; he, as well as his daughter, who happens to be a music teacher, both were in their school bands. So the family musical legacy is now being continued. And among the many musical instruments, he chose the trumpet. Now we have a little trumpet boy.

As hubby says, he will be the next Louis Armstrong. That's not impossible. I truly believe in his talent and although this is his first excursion into the world of music, his determination and perseverance to learn and play is just admirable. We do believe he will go a long way.

There he is showing us his buddy in music the first time he brought it home. He is really excited about this new activity and we are so excited for him too. We actually can't wait to watch their first concert.

Monday, August 25, 2014

Photo Boxes for Storage and Organization

In our case, I didn't use them for photos but for office supplies and other knick-knacks that needed to be corralled in the home office.

As soon as I got the idea of using photo boxes to organize our desk cabinet in our office nook, I then waited for a good deal at Michael's. And it didn't take me long. After a week, their photo boxes were on sale, 7 pieces for only $10.00. Woot!

I was surprised though when we got to Michael's because I never thought they would be sturdy boxes. For such a reasonable price, I really thought otherwise. More so, they were big enough to hold a lot of stuff. I am more than happy and content with how quality-made they are for such a great buy. Win!

And there they are. Unfortunately, I forgot to take a photo of the messy cabinet before I organized them up. Me and my memory gap. LOL. Just kidding. I still don't have it yet, okay? I'm too young to have one. Wink wink!

But I think you will get the idea of how messy it was with the things that were there before they went inside the boxes. Check the photos below.

There were envelopes, CDs, cards, letters, labels, notepads, notebooks, etc. They were just scattered all over the cabinet and what's not good about it is it was always hard to find what you wanted pronto. You had to dig and dig first and lucky are you if you find it soonest without losing your patience.

 I grouped them, and you can see the label in each boxes in the first photo - envelopes; cards/letters/labels; notebooks/pads; CDs/electronics. Neat!

I would have wanted boxes with the same color or design so it won't get too busy with all the colors and patters. But the husband chose some designs that he liked so I just chose some that I liked too. They don't look bad though, do they? The patterns are just beautiful and the colors as well. Besides, they are doing their job which is to make things easier for us. And without a doubt, they did. Proven and tested!

Whenever we need something, it is much easier to find it now. What a relief!

And these three boxes here were the ones left. I haven't used them yet and they are on top of one of the cabinets in our bedroom just waiting to be used.

I am planning to use them in my son's bedroom to organize some of his things. I haven't gotten to it yet but soon I will.

How about you? Have you used photo boxes to organize things too other than photos?

Wednesday, August 20, 2014

It's Back to School for the Little One

Today marks the beginning of another school year. Our son is already in 6th grade and although I still couldn't believe how fast he is growing and how time flies, I am more than thrilled that he is in yet another phase and many more adventures await him.

We met his teacher yesterday on 'Meet the Teacher Day' and he was given a combination to his locker. Having lockers start at 6th grade in schools here so he was so excited about it. We tried opening his locker several times before we finally figured out the the trick to it.

There he is excitedly opening his locker which really looks so nice with that striking red color. And how I wish you've seen the look on his face when he finally opened it. He was ecstatic!

As per him, he had a great day in school today. I hope this year will be another great year for him. Best of luck to our smart kiddo!