Thursday, January 22, 2015

His Poor Face

Facial bumps have been a problem with the hubs since the time he started growing facial hair. His hair is naturally curly and many times when his beard tried to come through his facial skin, it would curl inwards thus creating an ingrown hair.

He didn’t tell me about it until I noticed scars on his face. Scars that I thought were caused of a brawl. Har. It was because of him picking on those bumps. Also, there’s never a time that he doesn’t nick his face while shaving. There is always blood after he’s done.

I’ve told him several times that maybe all he needs is a new razor; something that would be perfect for his face. I do believe there is one out there somewhere, especially now that the technology is evolving and more gadgets are being updated. I came across straight razor designs and I was thinking this might be the answer to his never-ending facial problem. But we’ll never find out until he tries it. And this needs some pushing because he can be stubborn in trying new products you know. So, we’ll see what happens next.

Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Watch Out World!

Because here I come! LOL.

I got my driver's license renewed yesterday so there's one thing checked off my to-do list. The new one is good for eight years so I will not be seeing DMV or the Department of Motor Vehicles for a while. I think I'm going to miss them. Hee-hee.

Monday being a holiday, there were a lot of people at DMV yesterday. Good thing, hubby left work early so we arrived at DMV at 3 o'clock in the afternoon. There were only a couple of people in the line so it didn't take us long to get our number. After us, people just kept on coming and before we knew it, the line was already a mile long.

We waited for a while before my number was called, but it didn't take me 15 minutes to finish my renewal. We were done by 4 o'clock. Hooray to that!

Don't you just love it when things went as planned? (",)

Friday, January 16, 2015

February is a Momentous Month in Our Life

How fast does time fly? January’s end is almost near. I can feel February now after seeing all of those Valentine’s Day d├ęcor at the store. But I have no problem with it. I am not whining at all. Why? Because February is the most celebrated month here in our household.

First, we have our wedding anniversary. Then follows Valentine’s Day and lastly, hubby’s birthday. I have no clue what the hubby’s plans are for our anniversary. Is he going to take me to a romantic dinner with candlelight and all? Or somewhere where there is music playing with the use of a Focusrite Scarlett perhaps. Or maybe he will take me somewhere out of town. Yup, I certainly have no clue. But of course, it is supposed to be a surprise, right?

I am already thinking of what to get him for Valentine’s Day as well as for his birthday. Where to take him for his birthday is something that I haven’t thought of yet. I have to check my app on that. I am so excited for next month. (“,)